Luxembourg Conseil
Luxembourg Conseil

Aviation Trade & Services

Sales & Purchase of Aircraft, Equipment and Components

Consulting for Trades, Operations & Maintenance Development

Consulting for International Government Programs

Program Development and Setting Up

Program Execution Management and Control

Technical Expertise

Search, Evaluation and Selection of Required Aircraft

Purchase, Modification, Maintenance (Repair & Overhaul)

Sale (Direct Sale, Leasing or Financing Solutions)

Management & Control for Disassembly, Packing

Transport & Re-assembly



Evaluation & Comparison of Aircraft Performances and Costs

Selection of Aircraft and Purchase Support

Contracts Elaboration for Sales, Purchase, Leasing & Financing

Aircraft Pre-Sale Inspection and Records Appraisal

Development of PPP

(Public Private Partnership)

Programs for Search &

Rescue Helicopter Services

* Partnering with an exclusive network of aircraft owners and operators

* Authorised Representative for Aircraft leasing companies

Department Head | Alain Hamard